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Vitamins - Sifting through the Capsules, Packets and Powders

It’s not just about your daily vitamin anymore, is it? We miss the simplicity of the Flinstone’s daily vitamin. Now, we are wondering through all these new brands and products, which ones are worth taking?

  • Ritual advertises “Just good looking science.”
  • Hum’s tagline is that “Beauty starts from within.”
  • The Beauty Chef announces that “Beauty begins in the belly.”
  • Moon Juice tells us to “feel SuperYOU”
  • Care / of advertises being able to build a personalized program to meet your needs.
  • Olly made delightfully easy #happyinsideout (oh, and they have adult gummies!)

Needless to say, we are drowning in all of the suggestions and recommendations from our favorite bloggers, editors and beauty experts. Who said that your skincare regiment also included supplements you take orally? One of our favorite sites, BUSTLE, has reviewed a few of these top contenders and you can see their thoughts here.


So in this series, we have decided rather than taking each one by one, since there are only 2 of us, we are going to give you the basic Do’s & Don’t’s of Vitamins!


Make it a daily habit.

Find a vitamin routine that works for you. If you are constantly in a hurry, take a few minutes to divvy up your vitamins into a daily pill case for the week. (Like this cute macaron pill case) This allows you to grab a handful on the go or keep it in your purse. If simply remembering is an issue, try keeping your pills out somewhere you can see them like your bathroom vanity or nightstand.

Be patient. Results take time!

Some supplements work immediately such as digestive enzymes and melatonin. For supplements tackling bigger issues like skin clarity, hydration and hormonal health – it can take more time. HUM nutritionists recommend sticking to your new beauty vitamin routine for six weeks to see and feel the results come into full effect.

Make healthy life changes to go along with your vitamin taking.

Taking vitamins is not a quick fix solution. The best way to have a healthier life is to eat healthy, exercise, hydrate and sleep. Each of these complement the vitamins and help benefit your whole well being.


Forget to take your vitamins!

Our best advice about vitamins is this: they only work if you take them! Sounds simple in theory, but forming a new daily habit can be difficult for some. Don’t be discouraged if you forget a day, but try and asses what the obstacle was so you can troubleshoot it and remember tomorrow.

Guess or take inconsistently.

Take it from us, there’s a lot of work that goes into formulating vitamins. If you skip checking the label you could easily take less than you need and not see the results you want. Know exactly how many pills of each vitamin is recommended, as well as when to take, and stick with it.

Don’t get discouraged!

It is easy to give up and start to ask why am I taking these things? Give it some time. You wouldn’t go on a single run and expect a totally new body or go on a single date and expect to get married. You can do this - one day at a time.. We believe in you.