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The Seasonal Face: How to transition into fall with an updated skincare routine

The Seasonal Face

How to transition into fall with an updated skincare routine

As warm beach days may be shifting into cooler autumn weather, our skin and body’s needs are changing and requiring different products and habits. Here are some of our tips for transitioning your skincare regimen from late summer heat to sweater wearing temps.

Moisturizer. Depending on where you live, cooler weather can leave your skin feeling drier and more irritated. To keep yourskin hydrated, add a serum or oil to your night cream. If you are trying to help treat summer skin ailments, consider using a serum that targets hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C. Add a product that has an  antioxidant rich formula, likevitamin C. These formulas help repair damaged summer skin, like dark skin, pigmentation and protects skin from free-radical damage. 

SPF. UV radiation may be stronger during the summer months, it’s still present throughout each season. Sunscreen should be used all year round because it still helps decrease any UV radiation. You may want to choose a more lightweight formula since you’ll be adding heavier moisturizers into your regimen.

Exfoliation. This is a great time to reintroduce your exfoliants. You may think that exfoliating could irritate your skin, but in actuality it stimulates natural oil production. A daily gentle exfoliation or a once/twice a week scrub should treat all of those dry areas. When using a mask look for a cream based formula, so it keeps your skin hydrated throughout the entire application. 

Eyes, Lips, and the Rest. Being two of the more sensitive areas on the face, your eyes and lips need special attention. The impact of the seasonal changes can manifest in puffiness, fine lines and dryness, but adding aneye and lip cream before bed will help keep them moisturized. It’s easy to focus on your face, but don’t forget the rest of your body. There is less moisture in the air to help hydrate and moisturizers allow your skin to retain hydration, while also creating a protective barrier over the skin.

Not only does your skin change, but your body and hormones change as well. Consider your personal factors when choosing the right products for your particular body and skin during each seasonal change. This is a crucial change to make in your organic skincare routine to keep your skin looking happy and healthy all year long.