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Light Therapy - for Depression, Discolored Skin, Stress & Wrinkles? Part 3: All about Wrinkles 

In my days of being at a PR agency, we used to be gifted by clients or from events all the time and in my case, I was able to try out NUFACE when they first launched. I remember looking at it wondering what the heck this thing was going to do for me. Then I started using the Trinity Wrinkle Reducer attachment which uses photo light therapy to address full face wrinkles. For use around facial contours including the eye area, mouth, and forehead.

For those that aren’t keen on injecting your face with Botox, there are options for how to limit your wrinkles or reduce the look of fine lines. Needless to say, years later, NUFACE is still coming in handy for me. 

Redlight therapy has been proven to “increase tissue repair and healing…and it has beneficial effects onwrinkles, acne scars, hypertrophic scars, and healing of burns.”  RLT works its magic by delivering safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural light into your skin (up to 10 deep millimeters, to be exact) where it’s absorbed by your cells. This “stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts,” saysRhonda Klein, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist in Connecticut. That in turn enhances a little something known as ATP, the source of energy for every cell in the body (read: natural energy sans a 3:00 P.M. caffeine crash). “RLT also boosts circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and tissues,” Dr. Klein says. Translation? When your cells are hit with the red light wavelengths, a host of regenerative effects occur, leading to potential benefits like younger-looking skin, enhanced muscle repair, and diminished scarring.

Red light therapy boosts blood circulation, collagen and fibroblasts production, and development of new capillaries. Because of these, red light has the power to smooth overall skin tone; reduce fine lines and wrinkles; repair sun-damaged skin; lighten and fade stretch marks and scars; hasten the skin's capacity to heal blemishes; and diminish flushing, redness and broken capillaries.

Red light therapy is now available at your local dermatologist’s clinic, medical spas or beauty salons.Many spas also offer full body red light therapy beds and are sometimes called “Red Light Tanning.” This is offered to do a full-body treatment with the hopes of vanishing stretch marks and aging skin for the entire body. 

Red light therapy can also be used at home. Thanks to the research of NASA, it is FDA-cleared and is proven to be safe and effective to be used at home. Numerous devices are available in the market that promises to deliver the same results as professional red light therapy devices.

I mean, with just sitting and having a red light on my face for 10-25 minutes a day multiple days a week, my wrinkles have reduced in their appearance. As anything, it is not an overnight fix and it takes time before you see results but after about 6 weeks of steady use, there is a difference and I have to say it is definitely worth the time! I normally use it while I do research to write blogs or when I am writing emails (1 handedly).


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