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Face Mapping.. Learning why you are breaking out and how to fix it!

Your skin is telling you more about your health than you may realize. It wasn’t until our late twenties that we even learned what face mapping was. If only this was information we possessed when we were teenagers, we might have avoided those awkward school photos with cakey concealer (or toothpaste) or the rogue pimple for our first date with our crush. 

Your face is thewindow to understanding what is really going on in your body..


Forehead: Unhealthy Eating & Stress

Unhealthy eating and stress are probable offenders. In face mapping, your forehead is linked to your digestive and nervous systems, making it susceptible to diet- and stress-related breakouts. Those pesky pimples can be alleviated by eating less sugar and fewer processed foods, drinking plenty of water and getting between seven to nine hours of sleep. You can also help prevent this by eating more antioxidant rich foods and drinks, including green tea, lemon water and berries.

Hairline: Beauty Product Build up

Known as “pomade acne,” breakouts along the hairline are often due to beauty product (cosmetics or hair products) buildup. The oils and chemicals in shampoo andmakeup residue can accumulate on the skin’s surface, sinking in and clogging pores. Best way to beat this is to see about changing your products to things that are more natural. Wash your face thoroughly every night. 

Cheeks: Cell phone, hands or pillowcase 

If spots are showing up on your cheeks, your cell phone, oily hands and pillowcase may be to blame. Tip: Wipe your phone down daily. Wash your hands and limit how much you touch your face. Change your pillowcase - which can build up oil and dirt which clog your pores at night.

Chin + Jaw: Hormones

Hormonal acne is caused by an excess of hormones due to menstruation, pregnancy and increased androgen levels. These fluctuations result in inflammation, excessive oil production, clogged skin cells and bacteria production. While it tends to appear in the T-zone during puberty, hormonal acne typically forms along the chin and jawline in adults. During these times, try and reduce stress and add in some wild yams to help regulate your hormones naturally. 

T-zone: Liver 

T-zone and eyebrow acne is directly tied to your liver and if you are suffering from spots in this area, it might be related to a diet that is high in fat or too much consumption of alcohol. 

Nose: Heart, Blood Pressure and Stress

The Nose reflects the heart, blood pressure and stress. Tip: Try to find a way to reduce stress by exercising, taking a bubble bath or simply unplugging from technology. 

If your skin is having an issue – it is your body TELLING you there is a problem! Listen to it. Give your skin the strength it needs by supplementing with Vitamin A, 50mg of Zinc picolinate, Selenium, and Omegas 3 & 6. If you want to dive even deeper, Chalkboard Magazine even goes into how to determinewhen your acne surfaced, not just where.