DESPITE ALL EFFORTS… Acne breakouts continue to surface. - Lumoir

DESPITE ALL EFFORTS… Acne breakouts continue to surface.

Written by Kim Nateras

Acne has been somewhat of a nuisance for a large part of my teen and adult life. It has varied in coverage and in pain (cystic for a short period), from cheeks to neck. Some (many) days I wish it was a trend to throw a piece of cloth over my chin to cover it all haha. In my early years I was in and out of dermatologist offices in an attempt to find relief, however, the products they would suggest were kind of insane. I have friends that have used these products and had great results, but I just couldn’t bring myself to put those types of chemicals and toxins in my body. I also felt like these types of products weren’t targeting the actual problems causing my acne, rather masking the issues. 

The stigmas around acne have come a long way since the 90s… there’s even a recentmovement among beauty brands, bloggers, and magazines embracing acne and learning to love yourself and your skin no matter what it looks like. I love that! I may not be posting my acne breakouts on Instagram any time soon, but I do love the idea of knowing; there’s other women and men battling the same things I am and we have all had different journeys with it all, so let’s just support each other!

On a deeper level, through this process, I have learned so much about all of the things going on in our bodies that could be causing these breakouts (and many other skin ailments). It’s not exact and your journey is different than mine, but I’d love to share some simple things I have implemented in my life and found relief over time. 

FOOD. Diet, diet, diet. I used to have no problem grabbing some donuts for breakfast, driving through Taco Bell for lunch and ordering a pizza for dinner. OMG! What was I thinking! Obviously, I was an extreme example of how unhealthy eating habits can affect skin, but I was young and didn’t care that much. Knowing what I know now, I strive toeat cleaner and provide healthier options for myself and my family. I’m not perfect and still enjoy my sweets in moderation, but make better choices daily. One thing I noticed when I work, is that I wouldn’t eat at all or I would make bad choices. I try to make better food choices, and eating in general, a conscious part of my work-life and have seen so much improvement from that alone! 

WATER. Water is a crucial element to our overall health and not drinking enough cause wreak havoc on your skin. Solely drinking water may not clear your acne, but consuming your daily amount helps with inflammation in the body and canreduce the lifespan of your acne breakout

ORGANIC SKINCARE. If you’ve read “Our Story”, you already know that Caitlin and I’s personal skin issues were what pushed us to create LUMOIR. As science has shown, everything we put on our skin is alsoabsorbed into our body. It is so important to pay attention to the labels of all products you use and try using only natural and organic. Once I started switching all of the products in my home, from skincare to cleaning, I saw more consistency in my skin. 

STRESS AND HORMONES. I’m sure most of you are aware that stress, hormones, anxiety, and other negative mental states can play a large part in your skin’s woes causingmajor inflammation. I know that when I’m stressed with work or personal things, worried about my current skin breakout, or it’s almost that time of month, I notice my skin gets worse. Try stress reducing activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise and remember to always take some time for yourself! Find things that you enjoy and help you relax and take advantage of them when you need it.

While my skin isn’t perfect and may never be, I am constantly learning about my body and how to create habits that encourage healthy and happy skin (and body). 

Top Photo: Taken in 2015 for my husband and I’s engagement photos (by JC Guzman). As you can see I had a massive breakout across my cheeks and chin, painful and raised… no makeup could cover that. 

Bottom/Profile Photo: Taken recently (no makeup). I don’t break out on my cheeks anymore (scarring still there), but my chin still has moments and my neck breaks out in patches since pregnancy.